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Organoids as a clinical tool

This week’s edition of Nature Medicine focuses on cancer diagnostics. In the news article ‘Put to the test: Organoid-based testing becomes a clinical tool’, associate editor Shraddha Chakradhar reflects on the clinical possibilities of organoids. The article addresses several studies using organoids to help determine treatment, already showing successful translation from organoids to humans. Organoids are becoming more and more important in the clinic as an increasing number of drugs are developed.

At this moment, researchers are mainly focused on rare mutations, but in the future the model can be helpful for larger groups of patients. In addition, the article features Utrecht based and proud HollandBIO member Hubrecht Organoid Technology (HUB) who are planning validation studies to help insurers determine whether to reimburse certain cancer therapies. HollandBIO sees a lot of potential in the use of organoids as a clinical tool, making the route from lab to patient both faster and better. A must read article for all biotech enthusiasts and every stakeholder in the healthcare sector interested in ways new promising techniques help to improve future treatments for patients.

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