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Join Daiichi Sankyo's TaNeDS Global 2018

TaNeDS (Take a New Challenge for Drug diScovery) is Daiichi Sankyo's open competition grant program. To help realize a corporate philosophy – "Passion for Innovation. Compassion for Patients." – this program serves as an interactive platform that gathers and nurtures the wisdom of researchers from diverse scientific backgrounds.

Initially launched in Japan in 2011 and in Europe in 2013, the goal of this program is to generate breakthrough pharmaceutical drugs for human health by promoting new drug discovery themes, R&D technologies, and continuous collaboration with external researchers and research groups.

One key goal of TaNeDS Global is to foster close collaborative relationships between principal investigators of the funded projects and scientists at Daiichi Sankyo. Collaboration beyond the initial funding period is also possible for successful projects to fulfill our ultimate goal of drug development.

Curious? For more information, please see the Guidelines for Application

Bron: Daiichi Sankyo