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Trend analysis: Great year for Dutch biotech R&D


Today, the leading global business development database Biotechgate presents its 2018 trend report for the Dutch life sciences market. The annual trend report confirms the top position of the Netherlands in the life sciences industry.

For the Dutch biotech research and development efforts, 2017 proved to be remarkably fruitful. The development pipeline contains more products than previous years. Currently, 42 phase I, 47 phase II and 11 phase III studies are registered, which is almost twice as much as the total number of studies reported two years ago. And the preclinical studies are impressive, too. In total, 97 products are in preclinical development, holding promise for a bright future.

The total number of biotech companies is relatively stable: 455. The analysis reflects a well-established Dutch biotech sector. The data confirms the status of The Netherlands as Europe’s most attractive and innovative biopharmaceutical industry environment.

According to HollandBIO’s managing director Annemiek Verkamman, the Dutch Life Sciences sector is rewarding like no other. ‘In terms of scientific excellence and technological innovation the Netherlands is on top of Europe’s list. In our joint vision Life Sciences 2030, we show that our sector has what it takes to evolve into one of world’s leading clusters in 2030. The data of the trend analysis show we are on the right track!’

Download full report.

Biotechgate is a global business development database containing over 50,000 high-quality company profiles including company descriptions, contact information, product pipeline information, financing rounds and more. Biotechgate is owned and operated by Venture Valuation AG, a Zurich-based company specializing in independent assessment and valuation of technology-driven companies in high-growth industries.

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