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Start-ups are movers in ‘animal free testing’

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26 Dutch start-ups and scale-ups shine in the booklet ‘26x better and faster without use of animals’ published by Transition Programme for Innovation without the use of animals (TPI). The booklet aims to give Dutch companies that are working on animal-free innovations an international stage and was presented during the TPI Pioneer-2-Policymaker Conference.

HollandBIO is convinced the development and implementation of smarter testing methods is one of the key solutions to bring innovations from bench to bedside faster and better. Therefore, we were pleased to contribute to the booklet (PDF page 80).

To further increase visibility and findability of Dutch innovations and innovators, companies active in the field of animal-free testing are encouraged to add the key words “animal free testing” to their profile in the Dutch Life Science Database. You can add or edit your profile by clicking on this link