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RSNN Expert Meeting report – Pharmaceutical Compounding

On May 21st, 2019, the RSNN organized an ‘Expert Meeting’ on the topic of pharmaceutical compounding. As in many countries, there is a lively debate in the Netherlands on the complementary role of pharmaceutical compounding in the space of personalized medicine, drug shortages or coping with high priced medicines. The RSNN invited fifteen experts and stakeholders in their personal capacity to discuss this topic in an informal setting.

The goal of the meeting was to identify relevant research questions from a regulatory science perspective. In the coming period, the RSNN will take the initiative to gauge the support among various stakeholders for conducting relevant research that helps answer the identified questions and thereby improving the opinion-to-data ratio and providing direction for discussions between stakeholders.

Outcomes of the meeting can be read in the meeting report (in Dutch only). An English version of the report will follow soon.

Source: RSNN