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Prof. John van der Oost joins Hudson River Biotechnology’s Advisory Board

Prof. John van der Oost, head of the Bacterial Genetics group in the Laboratory of Microbiology at Wageningen University, has joined the Scientific Advisory Board of Hudson River Biotechnology (HRB). Prof. van der Oost is considered a pioneer of the “CRISPR revolution” for his fundamental work on unravelling the mechanism of CRISPR-based immunity in bacteria, paving the way for developing CRISPR-mediated genome editing. He is a distinguished and highly-cited scientist, and recipient of the prestigious Dutch Spinoza award among numerous other recognitions of his ground-breaking scientific work.

HRB operates as a gene editing provider and technology co-development partner for plantbreeding companies, and Prof. van der Oost will advise HRB on further refinement of their TiGER workflow, for example through the development and application of improved proteins, further broadening its commercial application.

Rudi Ariaans (CEO HRB): “We face multiple challenges in our food systems, such as a growing population and increasing harvest losses due to climate change, and we need to grow more with less. At HRB, we are continuously innovating with different CRISPR based and CRISPR-enabling techniques to accelerate the development of crops with the traits needed to secure the global food supply in the coming years.”

John van der Oost: “The discovery of CRISPR-Cas enzymes has resulted in unprecedented tools for genome editing. HRB actively contributes to improving selected features of crops that eventually may help feeding the world in the future. I am very motivated to participate in that challenging process!

“Having John on board as an advisor means we can apply his creative genius to our internal developments, as well as remain in close touch with developments at the academic forefront of the CRISPR field,” says Ferdinand Los (CSO HRB).

Source: Hudson River Biotechnology (Press release)