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Nunhems Watermelon Pingo Doce: flavor, quality, and sustainability

The production concept “Pingo Doce” (or Sweet Drop), brings to the Brazilian market the sustainable production of watermelon, with high quality and added value. The product takes modernity and innovation to the entire fruit production chain.

The watermelon produced using the “Ping Doce” system can be easily identified at points of sale to the final consumer, such as supermarkets and fruit and vegetable markets. While the common watermelon weighs around fifteen kilograms, for “Pingo Doce”, the average is six to seven kilograms. Therefore, it is more practical and easier to transport and store. This makes logistics more efficient from the field to the table, in addition to reducing the risks of loss caused by fruit damage.

Another characteristic is the peel color, dark green, which stands out at the point of sale. The fruit also presents an increased shelf life. The main attraction of the “Pingo Doce” project is inside the fruit. The watermelon has fewer seeds, seedless, and superior sweetness guaranteed by the high brix content (sugar), which makes the consumption very practical and the taste more pleasant.

Source: BASF