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Now online: HollandBIO Highlights English edition


The English edition of this year’s HollandBIO Highlights is now available online. This edition is extra special since HollandBIO is 5 years old! Under the motto “challenging the status quo”, we work every day to maximize biotech’s impact on our society. HollandBIO is the Dutch biotech industry association and the voice of the Dutch biotech sector. We take a stand in a sometimes polarized public debate and we dare to speak our minds.

But HollandBIO does much more than just debate the issues – we also put them on the agenda. And with success. An innovative sector generates solutions, and that is exactly what HollandBIO is doing. We make sure we are in the front row of policymaking, and we bring our expertise to the table, engaging in the conversation in a constructive and positive way.

The Dutch biotech sector is doing well, and so is HollandBIO. We welcomed many new members last year! From companies working on cultured meat to drug developers, from entrepreneurs developing biobased applications to players completely immersed in the vaccines and crops of tomorrow. HollandBIO is incredibly proud that we can represent so many fantastic companies. Without their support, expertise and trust, we would be nowhere.

Our members can count on HollandBIO’s commitment in the years to come. Just as we count on the support of our members. Because only together will we be able to make a difference in the success of the sector and the path towards a healthy and sustainable future. As partners in HollandBIO and as ambassadors for our wonderful sector!

Do you want to know more about how HollandBIO has grown as an industry organization, how we work and what good results that leads to? Read it in the HollandBIO Highlights or contact us.