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New at Pivot Park: GlycoMScan

GlycoMScan has opened their company’s doors in the van Leeuwenhoek building’s basement. GlycoMScan offers services in mass spectrometry, from screening of small molecules to absolute quantification in complex biological matrices. “As the name suggests, I am specialized in analyses of glycosylation and the building blocks thereof, the nucleotide sugars and phosphorylated sugars from intracellular metabolism,” tells Monique van Scherpenzeel, GlycoMScan’s CEO. ”I chose Pivot Park because of the inspiring atmosphere of (start-up) companies in pharma and life sciences, the good quality laboratory facilities and the opportunity for me and my company to serve your R&D with my services in mass spectrometry.”

“The fact that GlycoMScan is already developing several collaborations with community members shows what a good addition this company is to the Pivot Park pharma R&D ecosystem,” tells Brigitte Drees, Pivot Park’s CEO. “Thanks to our extensive experience we’ve been able to support GlycoMScan in becoming operable in a short time.”

Glycomscan has three types of mass spectrometers in-house, offering short time-to-results. These are:

  • Sensitive high-end UHPLC-QqQ for intracellular quantification of (sugar) metabolites
  • High-throughput, large capacity MRM analyses for pharmacokinetics and quantification of small molecules in complex biological matrices
  • Open access HPLC-MS for small molecule analyses.

High-resolution or other types of mass spectrometry, e.g. QTOF or GC-MS are available upon request. Interested in learning more? Contact Monique van Scherpenzeel by e-mail.

Source: Pivot Park