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Ncardia Expands iPSC Manufacturing and Phenotypic Drug Discovery Services


Ncardia expands its iPSC manufacturing site in Belgium, R&D and drug discovery center in the Netherlands, and commercial operations in the USA. The accelerated investment followed the retraction of the Cor.4U product line from the market and resulting insolvency of its former legal entity in Germany(operating under the name Ncardia AG / former Axiogenesis).

Ncardia shared today that all active investors participated in a capital increase, signaling confidence in its expanded offerings in iPSC drug screening services, contract cell manufacturing and iPSC-based cardiovascular and neurological cell models. Under the restructuring following the closing of Ncardia AG operations in Germany, all manufacturing services have been concentrated at its ISO 9001-certified contract and product manufacturing facility in Gosselies, Belgium and activities in drug discovery / safety services continue to operate from its Leiden, Netherlands headquarters.

“We continue our dedication to the advancement of iPSC technologies in the drug discovery space and are excited that with the support of our investors, we can continue providing quality iPSC-derived products and accelerate our capabilities in contract cell manufacturing and drug discovery assay development,” said Stefan Braam, CEO of Ncardia.

Source: Ncardia