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MDxHealth licensing agreement with Philips facilitates launch InformMDx(TM)


MDxHealth announced a worldwide licensing agreement with Philips for the rights to manufacture and market Philips’ recently validated prognostic biomarker for prostate cancer, phosphodiesterase-4D7 (“PDE4D7”), as a prognostic test. The test is based on technology which was jointly developed by Philips Research and The University of Glasgow.

The agreement enables MDxHealth to prepare the launch of its InformMDx(TM) test for prostate cancer, a tissue-based test utilising PDE4D7 that can stratify patients according to their risk of disease progression and the development of secondary tumors. The Company anticipates that InformMDx will provide actionable information to help clinicians guide post-biopsy treatment decisions at the time of diagnosis, as well as post-surgical treatment decisions following prostatectomy. In the US alone, over 150,000 patients per year could benefit from the InformMDx test.

PDE4D7 has recently been validated in a 503 patient study published in the journal European Urology Focus which confirmed, based on 10-15 years of follow-up data, the independent prognostic and incremental value of PDE4D7 compared to the established clinical risk metric (https://www.eu-focus.europeanurology.com).

Source: MDxHealth