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Massachusetts & The Netherlands: Building a healthier world together

As a follow-up from the Memorandum of Understanding, the Massachusetts Office of International Trade and Investment (MOITI), the Ministry of Economic Affairs & Climate Policy (EZK), the Termeer Foundation, Health~Holland, Massachusetts Life Sciences Center, MassBio and HollandBIO met each other again in a digital session. The signatories discussed joint activities and plans for future collaboration to strengthen both life sciences ecosystems through the exchange of scientific knowledge, innovations and entrepreneurship.

With these joint activities, awards, and exchanges, we can further strengthen the partnership between Massachusetts and the Netherlands. We are looking forward to officially signing a Program of Cooperation at the end of this year to cap progress, which follows on the Memorandum of Understanding signed between Massachusetts and the Netherlands in July 2019.

As articulated in the Memorandum of Understanding: “all involved parties believe international dialogue, exchange and collaboration in science, innovation and business development are crucial to accelerate the development of new life sciences and health solutions that benefit patients and citizens worldwide”. We are proud to further this mission with Massachusetts to build a healthier world together!

In addition to discussing future opportunities, Alnylam, Hybridize Therapeutics, and Amylyx were interviewed about their own activities strengthening the relationship between Massachusetts and the Netherlands. If one thing stood out during the meeting it is clear that, in this globalized world, we need to work together!