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Looking back at the Patient Engagement in 2030 symposium


After a few COVID related postponements, admedicum was proud to host Patient Engagement in 2030 with the support of HollandBIO and Insmed on 9 June 2022 at the historic Muntgebouw in Utrecht with over 70 attendees. Speakers from patient organisations, healthcare, regulatory and industry shared forward thinking perspectives towards solutions, improvements, and opportunities for patient engagement in 2030.

We would like to sincerely thank our speakers Nicola Bedlington (former Secretary General European Patient’ Forum), Cécile Olivier (C-Path), Ana Mingorance (Loulou Foundation), Joep Rijnierse (Amgen) and Annamarie Dillon (Orchard Therapeutics).

All participants had ample opportunities to exchange their expertise on patient engagement during the Q&A sessions, the parliamentary debate (moderated by Roger Legtenberg (admedicum)), and the networking sessions.

The consensus from the event is that patient engagement will continue to evolve towards patient AND public involvement in research with an increased focus on person centered, value-based healthcare. There is now ample evidence that patient engagement de risks medicines development and leads to better outcomes and societal impact. Thanks to EUPATI, PFMD, and other European initiatives the pool of patient experts is already large and still expanding.

As Ana Mingorance shared with the participants during her talk, “By 2030…Patients are at the center of drug development, supported by professionalization of the patient community, an ecosystem of expert organizations, and a social contract that requires bio pharma companies help build disease knowledge together with the entire community.”

Thanks to HollandBIO and Insmed for supporting the event and admedicum looks forward to organizing similar exchanges in the future.