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LiteVax receives EU Horizon 2020 grant

A consortium of public and private R&D organisations from EU, India, and US has been awarded a 10 m€ grant for development of improved influenza virus vaccines for the globe. Later this year, this grant will be matched by the government of India. LiteVax BV (Oss, The Netherlands) and the Translational Health Science Technology Institute (Delhi, India) have initiated the project and the University of Amsterdam will be the coordinator. The INDIGO project builds on LiteVax’s patented, versatile adjuvant technology developed to improve prophylactic and therapeutic vaccines.

The grant will support the development of a next generation of influenza vaccines aiming at higher effectivity, lower costs and better accessibility. The INDIGO project combines innovations in antigen design, antigen delivery and immune-stimulation and plans to perform phase I/IIa clinical trials in EU and India. In addition to LiteVax, the INDIGO consortium consists of one Danish partner, two Belgian partners, three French partners, two Dutch partners, one US partner, and six Indian partners. An important goal is the collaboration between R&D organizations in these countries with complementary skills and know-how. See https://cordis.europa.eu/project/id/874653 for more information.

Source: LiteVax (press release)