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Intravacc to develop emergency and conventional COVID-19 vaccines

Intravacc, one of the leading translational research and development vaccine institutes with an extensive track record in developing viral and bacterial  vaccines,  today announced the  development of three COVID-19 vaccine concepts. These concepts are all based on Intravacc’s platform technologies, that have been proven safe in humans.

“This global COVID19 pandemic requires an international effort to understand the complexity of the disease and to develop innovative COVID-19 emergency and conventional vaccines”, said Dr. Jan Groen CEO of Intravacc. “We also need to establish partnerships with pharma for large scale manufacturing and global distribution of these vaccines”.

To develop safe and effective COVID-19 vaccines, Intravacc is focusing on emergency and conventional vaccines. Intravacc’s emergency vaccine is designed to activate cytotoxic T-cell responses. This emergency vaccine would reduce  mortality and morbidity and as a result reduces the pressure on the public health system. For this vaccine Intravacc uses its outer membrane vesicle (OMV) technology.

For its conventional COVID-19 vaccine Intravacc will use OMV’s  as a carrier for spike proteins of the virus to induce a protective antibody response. For the third concept Intravacc’s approved Vero cell platform will be used to develop an intranasal vector vaccine based on Newcastle disease virus, that can replicate in humans but does not cause disease. 

The expected development timelines for these COVID-19 vaccines to enter into phase 1 range from 9 to 21 months.

Source: Intravacc (press release)