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inno-train Diagnostik and JETA Molecular Ink Distribution and Co-Development Agreement

inno-train Diagnostik and JETA Molecular announced that they had entered into a sales and co-development relationship. Under terms of their agreement, inno-train will distribute JETA’s QTRACE® Analysis System in the United States and Europe, with the exception of France. The company’s R&D teams will collaborate to co-develop new diagnostic applications, leveraging each other’s product portfolios and domain expertise.

The QTRACE® Analysis System utilizes qPCR-based detection of insertion/deletion polymorphisms in the human genome as a means to uniquely identify and monitor individuals involved in stem cell transplantations.

Doug Bost, CEO of JETA Molecular noted, “This agreement will ensure broader access to our products globally, while locally, JETA will remain focused on delivering innovative products to the transplantation and transfusion communities. Partnering with inno-train gives JETA the unique opportunity to collaboratively build a suite of turnkey diagnostic applications, addressing current unmet needs in clinical testing labs.”

Stephan Jacobs, VP of inno-train Inc. stated, “We are looking forward to this new collaboration expanding inno-train’s product portfolio by combining molecular pre- and post-transplant diagnostics. This cooperation will improve transplant outcomes resulting in better patient care.”

Source: JETA Molecular