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HollandBIO’s newest team member: Dora Menting 

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Joining the team of HollandBIO as program manager Innovation Climate, Dora Menting has started on June 1st. After studying molecular biology and a master clinical molecular sciences in Maastricht and Singapore, she decided to leave academic research to pursue a career in the commercial industry. 

Coming from commercial roles in both sales and marketing at Sigma Aldrich, Stemcell Technologies, GENDX and CSL Vifor, Dora has experienced firsthand the excitement and challenges that come with commercializing a product. “Bringing stakeholders together to tackle the challenges of the real world to bring a health improving product to life, is my professional mission. Preferably in the field where I once started as a student in molecular biology, where companies keep exploring and using the capabilities of human biology.”   

The program Innovation Climate focuses on funding, effective knowledge transfer and improving the entrepreneurial climate. A tripod stool with which we can only make a true impact when they work together. 

Connect through LinkedIN and contact via dora.menting@hollandbio.nl.