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Hollandbio welcomes VTU

Hollandbio connects, represents and supports the Dutch biotech sector. We are very proud to represent more than 280 companies: from start-ups, small and medium-sized enterprises to large companies, active in health, nutrition or biobased economy. Today we welcome VTU, an international technology and engineering service provider specialized in the planning and implementation of highly efficient production plants.

VTU’s holistic approach covers the entire life cycle of facilities, from strategic planning in the pre-project phase, through engineering, digitalization to the continuous development of all processes for efficient operation. Minimizing the ecological footprint is an integrated part of VTU’s green engineering approach.

VTU accompanies customers as a reliable partner in all project phases and has a special focus on the future viability of the plant. State-of-the-art engineering tools, targeted digitalization solutions, and smart facility planning are interacting to achieve sustainable and resource-saving solutions. This includes knowledge of new and sustainable technologies, closed material cycles and energy-efficient systems. VTU supports clients in the development and implementation of their ESG strategies.

With more than 1,300 employees throughout Europe at 35 locations in seven countries, VTU serves leading companies in the life sciences, chemical and process industries. Their vision is to realize safer and more sustainable plants of tomorrow:today.