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HollandBIO welcomes Single Cell Discoveries as new member

HollandBIO connects and supports the Dutch biotech industry. Today, we are proud to announce that Single Cell Discoveries B.V. has joined the community by becoming a member.

Single Cell Discoveries is a spin-off from the Hubrecht Institute and Oncode Institute, launched in September  2018. The company offers a complete service solution for single-cell RNA sequencing, with current customers in over 7 countries and more than 50 institutions.

Single-cell (RNA) sequencing is used to study the transcriptome of individual cells in order to find rare cell types and interesting subpopulations in a tissue of interest. It offers a much higher resolution view of biology. This in contrast to ‘traditional’ bulk RNA sequencing, which results in an average transcriptome profile of several thousands to millions of cells.

Single-cell sequencing has a diverse range of applications:

  • Cell type marker discovery
  • Analysis of tumor heterogeneity
  • Cell type identification
  • Stem-cell analysis in developmental biology

The Single Cell Discoveries team has the means and experience to assist their customers with the analysis of hundreds to many thousands of cells individually. The company offers support on the complete workflow: from project design to sample prep and data analysis. Single Cell Discoveries is focusing on both providing excellent services to their customers, as well as on R&D efforts to continually expand its service portfolio.

Interested in their services or in collaboration? Please visit www.scdiscoveries.com.