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HollandBIO welcomes Pantarhei as a new member


HollandBIO is proud to announce that Pantarhei has joined the HollandBIO community! Pantarhei Bioscience and Pantarhei Oncology are Dutch bio-pharmaceutical companies that develop unique new treatment concepts in the areas of Women’s Health and Reproductive Endocrine Oncology. Founded in 2001 by the former R&D executive of Organon Herjan Coelingh Bennink, it has since then filed more than 220 patents.

Our pipeline focuses on Phase I and II clinical research for safe, innovative and fair oncological treatments for cancers sensitive to endocrine treatment or immunotherapy, as well as reproductive hormone related treatments and applications in the area of Women’s Health.

In our approach we build upon the effective applications of existing proven biological ingredients. Based upon thorough scientific knowledge and divergent thinking and our clinical and scientific endocrine healthcare background, we discover new applications for endocrine cancer treatments with a special emphasis on breast cancer, prostate cancer, ovarian cancer and lung cancer. Our dual goal is not only to develop effective new treatments, but also to improve patients’ wellbeing.

The Pantarhei companies develop patent protected new drugs up to and including efficacy (proof-of-concept) and safety in the human (Phase II). We invent and create intellectual property (IP) for new treatment concepts, provide in-house project management and select the best in class partners in the world for the outsourcing of our research and development activities. After generating favourable human proof-of-concept data, projects are sold or licensed-out to a (pharmaceutical) partner for final development (phase III), regulatory approval and commercialisation. Over the years, Pantarhei has sold and licensed its unique treatment concepts to Serono (now Merck), Schering (now Bayer), HRA Pharma SA, Mithra Pharmaceuticals and Gedeon Richter.

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