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HollandBIO welcomes InnoSer and C-Path as new members


HollandBIO connects, represents and supports the Dutch life science sector. We are very proud that we already represent 225 companies: from start-ups, small and medium-sized companies to large companies, active in health, food or biobased economy. Today we welcome the two sister companies InnoSer and C-Path!

Faster and better from bench to bedside – now, together with InnoSer and C-Path

We live in a time of exiting advances in the life sciences sector. Innovative platforms like organoid and organ-on-chip technologies promise not only patient-centric development of drugs but also possible alternatives to animal testing. Involvement of AI and smart algorithms initiate a main shift in healthcare.

However, it still takes time for these technologies to be widely adopted in the sector and patients to benefit from the efficiency, reliability and lower costs intended with these approaches. That is why the two sister companies InnoSer and C-Path (or Connected-Pathology) make it their mission to provide a combination of traditional and innovative solutions to close the gap between the bench and the bedside.

‘A smart road to better health’: the new slogan of InnoSer echoes HollandBIO’s program that emphasizes the need for smarter testing methods, which enable health, affordability, and innovation to walk hand in hand. In the recent news article about their renewed branding, InnoSer writes:

“We see the journey to drug development as a road and we help our customers navigate it as efficiently as possible. This may not only mean aiming for higher translatability to the clinics, but also by ending studies early on, avoiding unnecessary investments on unpromising compounds. This smart road can ultimately enable cost effective bringing of medicines to the market, benefiting patients as well.”

InnoSer’s current offerings include a proprietary PDX/O screening platform and glioblastoma organoids for oncology, a unique ADPKD mouse model for nephrology, and a fully characterized midbrain organoid model for Parkinson’s disease. InnoSer also provides in vivo imaging, genetically engineered mouse model (including colony management, cryopreservation, and sanitation/rederivation), and BSL3 facility management services.

InnoSer also offers a full-suite of pathology solutions via its sister company C-Path, which can be fully integrated to various study pipelines. C-Path has a particular focus on digital and AI pathology. By the digital transformation of slide images and using smart algorithms C-Path helps pathologists focus on where their expertise matters. Check out this video that explains how. In clinical settings coupling pathology data with other patient information can also enhance diagnostics and treatment.

InnoSer and C-Path are excited to join the HollandBIO community and contribute to advancing health and healthcare by collaborative efforts.

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