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HollandBIO welcomes Hudson River Biotechnology as a new member


Today, HollandBIO announces with great enthusiasm that Hudson River Biotechnology (HRB) has joined the HollandBIO community.

HRB is a highly innovative agricultural biotech company located in Wageningen, focused on improving crop productivity and quality, addressing the world’s increasing demand for food and natural ingredients. The company does so by genetically optimizing crops to increase yields, improve disease resistance & nutritional value. To this end, they employ the latest genetics techniques including CRISPR and their proprietary SuRE platform for unique target identification. HRB has an internal R&D pipeline for development of novel platform technologies and varieties with new traits, and actively seeks partnerships for plant breeding projects.

Join HRB and become a proud HollandBIO member, too! Click here for more information about the HollandBIO membership.