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HollandBIO welcomes GEA as a new member

HollandBIO connects, represents and supports the Dutch life science sector. We are very proud that we already represent over 270 companies: from start-ups, small and medium-sized companies to large companies, active in health, food or biobased economy. Today we welcome GEA, a systems supplier for the food, beverage and pharmaceutical sector that enhances sustainability and efficiency of production processes globally.

As an established expert in the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, biopharmaceutical and biotechnology processing and manufacturing industries with over 100 years of experience, GEA is your single source supplier of process equipment for batch or continuous fermentation and separation. Gentle treatment of fragile cell cultures and maximum CIP and SIP requirements is our specialty. Steam sterilizable separators in GMP design treat products extremely gentle with their hydrohermetic feed system. Using sterilizable components (including the separator) reliably eliminates the danger of product contamination.

Whether it concerns antibodies (mAb), API carrier, cell based meat and enzymes, DNA/RNA, human blood proteins, human vaccines, insulin from biomass, lactobacillus, pharmaceutical proteins, starter cultures (bacteria cultures) and veterinary vaccines, we offer the greatest diversity in process technologies.

With the knowledge gained from thousands of successful installations around the world, we have become the trusted partner of choice, for big and small customers, for a wide range of products. For smaller scaled operations, the new GEA kytero® Single-Use Pharma Separator creates innovative ways for processing cell culture-based fermentations. These engineered Pharma skids fulfill the high requirements of our pharma customers.

Wherever you are and whatever scale you operate at, we are able to fulfill your concept, optimize your process, improve your production efficiency and provide continuous support to make your operation successful.