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HollandBIO welcomes FunGeneX as a new member

At HollandBIO, we are proud to announce that FunGeneX has joined our community.

FunGeneX BV develops Fungal Gene Expression and production technologies. The company has succeeded in expressing Hen Ovalbumin in Fungi, which is an interesting product to be used in various vegan food applications such as meat analogues, pastry and bakery applications.

The production of proteins in fungi is something that has been done in industrial enzymes production for decades but the production of food proteins in fermenters is becoming more and more interesting in view of the challenge to feed 10 billion people in a sustainable way by 2050 on 1500 million hectares of arable land. This new way of producing food proteins from sugars is also called “Cellular Agriculture” and is far more efficient (>10x) than traditional agriculture using animals. Moreover, this allows to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, less manure production, less animal cruelty, less smell, no vulnerable situation with bird’s flu and reduces the non-human antibiotic use that boosts the antibiotic resistant bacteria (AMR).

FunGeneX BV also licenses the fungal technologies to third parties for non-strategic food, industrial, pharmaceutical and agricultural applications.

FunGeneX BV, founded in 2016, is 100% daughter company owned by BioscienZ a company founded in 2010, which started a research lab in Breda in 2014. The company is now having a Food pilot facility with up to 15 L scale fermenters to produce kg scale wet or dried products and a molecular biology lab and employs 12 people in total.

For more information visit www.bioscienz.nl