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HollandBIO welcomes Eurofins Genomics as a new member


HollandBIO connects, represents and supports the Dutch life science sector. We are very proud that we already represent 225 companies: from start-ups, small and medium-sized companies to large companies, active in health, food or biobased economy. Today we welcome Eurofins Genomics! Eurofins Genomics is a member of the Eurofins Scientific Group with facilities established in Europe, USA and Asia. Eurofins likes to address a word to our readers:

‘At Eurofins Genomics “it is our mission to provide fast, complete and reliable analyses and production of DNA and RNA products”. This year our company was happily celebrating its 30th anniversary. With our team of over 400 employees we operate 4 main production sites throughout Germany and Denmark.  We are also proud to be one of the #1 suppliers of routine genomic services for European academia and industry. One of our hallmarks is having the largest commercial Sanger sequencing facility in Europe.

Besides routine Sanger sequencing, Eurofins Genomics is an internationally leading provider of NGS sequencing and genotyping services, DNA synthesis (genes and oligo’s), and bioinformatics analysis.  Our customer base extends from pharma, diagnostics, food, agriculture and academia to the biotech industry and various other research markets. Our products and services adhere to virtually all relevant QM/QA certificates. We are constantly innovating and looking for new exiting solutions to better serve our clients. The most recent example has been the record-speed development of a comprehensive SARS-CoV-2 testing portfolio that makes Eurofins Genomics the leading supplier of (testing) materials during the SARS-CoV2 crisis.

Our company’s strength is an extensive customer base and high quality services in industrial scale for the life science industries and academic research institutions around the world. With the help of HollandBIO, we are now eager to expand our network also in the Netherlands where the Biotech sector is currently growing rapidly. For more information, please contact our local account manager or support team. For further information, you can visit us at “www.eurofinsgenomics.com”.  We are looking forward to meet you!’

HollandBIO is pleased that Eurofins Genomics joined us as a member and we wish them a warm welcome!