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HollandBIO welcomes eLabNext

HollandBIO connects, represents and supports the Dutch life science sector. We are very proud that we already represent over 250 companies: from start-ups, small and medium-sized companies to large companies, active in health, food or biobased economy. Today we welcome eLabNext!

“At eLabNext, we see the powerful benefits of lab digitization in the modern world of research. Our team of life sciences and lab digitization experts strive to provide the most intuitive and customizable digital lab solutions. Our collaborative efforts with clients have helped us further develop and optimize so that we may offer future-proof lab software, reliable expert support, and elevated security practices.

Our lab solutions are used by modern scientists of academic institutes, pharma, biotech, and startups at a global level. Our software has enabled discoveries in various fields which include cancer research, the production of sustainable foods, the development of COVID-19 vaccines, and much more. Align with your research workflow by selecting eLabProtocols (web-based protocol manager), eLabInventory (inventory and sample tracking LIMS), or eLabJournal (our all-in-one ELN).

Visit us at www.elabnext.com to find out how our digital solutions can help you.”