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Hollandbio welcomes DPO Consultancy as a new member


Hollandbio is proud to announce that DPO Consultancy has joined the hollandbio community! DPO Consultancy is a consultancy organization with a 100% focus on data privacy that supports companies in their privacy journey. The aim is to safeguard all aspects of data privacy in daily business operations.

DPO Consultancy helps both multinational companies and SMEs to become – and to remain – compliant with laws and regulations regarding data privacy and data protection. In recent years, DPO Consultancy has developed into the partner for Life Sciences companies. Presently, there is collaboration with a large number of companies in this sector and the organization possesses the necessary the sector-specific knowledge. DPO Consultancy is the associated partner in the DATAETHICS Network, where scientific research is conducted in ethical challenges in the use of Big Data in the Healthcare and Life Sciences Industry.

As a member of hollandbio, DPO Consultancy would like to share its knowledge with other members. To commence, a recent publication on data privacy for life sciences companies can be accessed via this link.