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HollandBIO welcomes D2Team as a new member


HollandBIO connects, represents and supports the Dutch life science sector. We are very proud that we already represent over 270 companies: from start-ups, small and medium-sized companies to large companies, active in health, food or biobased economy. Today we welcome D2Team! D2team is an established firm of experienced consultants with collectively over 100 years of toxicology and pharmacology experience in the pharmaceutical industry as project leaders, project toxicologists and pharmacologists. 

The preclinical program has major impact on a company’s resources and timelines and each drug development path is different. Adding experience in preclinical drug development to your drug candidate is the key to your success. 

As required by regulatory authorities, safety of most drug candidates has to be assessed in a highly regulated battery of toxicology studies prior to the first-in-human clinical trials and throughout further clinical phases. Navigating the process of preclinical drug development through Health Authorities and contract research organizations requires specific knowledge and experience.

D2Team’s specialty is to guide start-ups, biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies through their preclinical development toward human clinical trials. They have a clear understanding of designing the right experiments and managing CROs to execute pivotal preclinical studies as the entry point for clinical progression. D2team performs Due Diligences and advice on value creation for assets.  

The team members have experience with the necessary preclinical support for late stage clinical studies and have prepared multiple market authorization applications and gained approvals. Additionally, team members have experience with all types of regulatory health authority interaction and documentation. 

Please do not hesitate to reach out to us at info@d2team.eu in case of questions. The team is looking forward to talk to you.