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HollandBIO welcomes BiomarkerBay as a new member

Today we announce with great enthusiasm that BiomarkerBay has joined the HollandBIO community.

BiomarkerBay is a facilitator in biomarker services and brings together sample collections, clinical expertise, academic knowledge, bioanalytical expertise and contract research organizations to provide the best possible solutions for your biomarker questions.

BiomarkerBay provides solutions for biomarker analysis, assay development, discovery and clinical validation of your biomarker. BiomarkerBay offers:

  • Discovery of new biomarkers for disease prevention or prediction of therapeutic response
  • Development of biomarker assays in research settings or in regulated bioanalytical laboratories
  • Clinical validation of prognostic or diagnostic biomarker in general population biobanks or disease cohorts

We have experience in Neurology, Oncology, Cardiovascular-Metabolic disorders, Respiratory, Inflammatory disorders and  real world evidence.

For BiomarkerBay there is more to Biomarkers. We match the increasing demand for novel analytical tools and advanced technologies for biomarker and diagnostics screening to high standards and delivering high quality specialized services.

For more information, please visit the website: www.biomarkerbay.com