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HollandBIO welcomes Amaris Consulting as new member

HollandBIO connects and supports the Dutch biotech industry. Today, we are proud to announce that Amaris Consulting has joined the HollandBIO community. Amaris is a global services and solutions provider with more than 6000 talented people located in more than 55 countries. Their diversity in capabilities and global footprint allows them to be a trusted partner to pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device companies of all sizes and help them create and capitalise on the value of their products.

About Amaris

Biotech companies are expected to deliver largest part of the pharmaceutical innovation in the coming years. At Amaris, we know innovation and understand the specific challenges you are faced with operationally and strategically. To match the dynamic needs and culture of our Biotech partners we have developed a matching integrated offering that allows for a seamless interaction and engagement at the level at which it brings most value. Partnering with us, means that you would have access to experienced teams with core knowledge of the healthcare market and scientific capabilities that would support you throughout your product’s life cycle – from the development of a product strategy that resonates with patients, payers and physicians alike to the delivery of such strategy in practice.

Our understanding of technological innovation and its applications combined with years of experience in the quality, engineering, regulatory and compliance makes us uniquely capable to optimise your organisation and environment in which you operate, ensuring enhanced efficiency and productivity. After all, having the right environment is a key prerequisite for innovation to flourish.

Finally, at Amaris we strongly believe in the role of people in tomorrow’s world. With all the technological innovations which overflow our sector, people remain a key component that drives the organisation and augment these innovations. We can help your organisation grow by supporting the development of your employees. We can help with capacity building trainings aimed at transferring knowledge and helping people to become true asset to the organisation.

For more information, visit the website of Amaris Consulting