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HollandBIO welcomes AGILeBiotics as a new member

HollandBIO connects and supports the Dutch biotech industry. We represent over 200 companies in the field of medical, agrifood and industrial biotech. And, HollandBIO is growing steadily. Today, we are proud to welcome AGILeBiotics to the HollandBIO community!

AGILeBiotics is a spin-off company of the University of Groningen founded by the CEO Dr. Andreas A. Bastian in March 2017. The start-up is committed to contribute to the fight against bacterial resistance by bringing new therapeutic solutions to hospitalized patients. The company’s vision is to accelerate the development of novel antibiotics by employing a proprietary technology named OxaSelect on existing complex natural product-based antibiotics, which have lower risk for drug resistance. The synthetic technology gives quick access to next generation drugs with broad-spectrum activity and improved safety profile.

AGILeBiotics is about to enter the pre-clinical stage. Their pre-clinical candidates overcome drug-class related bacterial resistance and have high potency against multidrug-resistant clinical isolates belonging to the top five pathogens of WHO’s priority list. AGILeBiotics’ goal is to develop novel antibiotics for the treatment of infections with high death rate, such as ventilator-associated pneumonia (VAP) and bloodstream infections (BSI), and neonatal sepsis.

Since 2017, AGILeBiotics has successfully enquired the pre-seed and seed investment round enabling the identification of their pre-clinical candidates. Currently, AGILeBiotics is reaching out for Series A investment round to develop the antibiotic candidate until clinical Phase II.

For more information please visit AGILeBiotics website.