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HollandBIO welcomes Adryan Consultants as a new member

HollandBIO connects and supports the Dutch biotech industry. Today, we are proud to announce that Adryan Consultants has joined the HollandBIO community.

Adryan Consultants is an internationally operating services group. From their headquarters in Dordrecht, they offer a full range of services for the (Bio-) Pharmaceutical, High-End Food and Chemicals industry, including Asset Management, integrated Commissioning & Validation, Quality Compliance Management,  Interim/Project Management and Process Development.

“Our next project must always be better as the current one” Summarized, our working spirit.

(Bio-) Pharmaceutical:

Whether it is a greenfield project or a modification to an existing manufacturing facility, Adryan Consultants has the solid experience in various processes in the (Bio-) Pharmaceutical- and High End Food industry. 

Adryan Consultants can provide services for a diverse portfolio of companies, from start-ups, hospitals, CMO’s to big multinationals. Our group contains of highly trained experts with extensive experience in their field. Client satisfaction is our highest priority.

We deliver packages for projects up to 100 Million Euros however we also like to support smaller projects where we for example look after the commissioning and qualification for process equipment like freeze dryers, aseptic filling lines, clean utilities, upstream or downstream equipment’s, or perform Audit preparedness programs.

Within Europe Adryan Consultants can serve as a Commissioning & Qualification (C&Q) Partner for companies or we can act as an extension of these companies for their complete C&Q. These scoped projects are defined by a list of deliverables, phases, timelines and reports.

Interested in their services or in collaboration? Please visit www.adryan-consultants.com