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HollandBIO Highlights: out now!


The latest HollandBIO highlights are out! Read more about how your advocacy group stands up for the biotech sector, the results that our programs are achieving and all the other benefits that membership has to offer.

All the hard work in our sector is hopeful, because biotech makes life better. How could it be otherwise, with innovations that help people, animals and the planet thrive. Fortunately, HollandBIO regularly gives cause for celebration, because anyone who looks at the Dutch biotech landscape from our perspective can’t help but feel happy. We like to pass on that cheerfulness to the world, by showing many more highlights on which we want to shine our light.

That is why we have made a new version of the HollandBIO Highlights, which can be viewed both online and in print. Are you a member of HollandBIO and would you like to physically get hold of the Highlights (English and/or Dutch)? If you leave your (address) details here, we will send you a copy. Enjoy reading!