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Health~Holland opens call for Organ-on-Chip showcases

Stimulating the early phase in Organ-on-Chip technology development

The Top Sector Life Sciences & Health and hDMT join forces on the research and development of organ-on-chip technology. This field of technology offers our society and healthcare system great opportunities to treat chronic diseases in a personalized way. In addition, the technology can lead to the reduction of animal experiments by development of alternative preclinical test models. To enhance the R&D and develop organ-on-chip showcases the Top Sector and hDMT established the new Health~Holland Organ-on-Chip Showcases (HHOOCS) programme.


New programme and call

Within this new HHOOCS programme, interdisciplinary consortia of companies, recognised knowledge institutions, patient organisations and/or health foundations are invited to apply for financial support to develop an Organ-on-Chip showcase that integrates human stem cell or organoid in vitro cultures and/or microfluidics technology. The financial support is part of the public-private partnership (PPP) allowance of the Top Sector. The programme aims at developing showcases for specific organ or tissue functionalities which qualify for further research funding. The deadline for submission is 14 January 2019.


Want to join?

Interested in the research programme and the requirements for application? Please visit Health~Holland’s funding page.