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Hartwig Medical Foundation and ttopstart announce collaboration


Hartwig Medical Foundation and ttopstart are pleased to announce collaboration to accelerate the implementation of clinical decision support systems for personalised cancer treatment in the Netherlands.

Hartwig Medical Foundation is developing innovative clinical decision support systems to enable personalised cancer treatment in the Netherlands. As a part of this, Hartwig Medical Foundation provides access to a unique databank of Whole Genome Sequencing and clinical data of thousands of patients. This will enable a substantial improvement in the quality of diagnosis and treatment of cancer patients, stimulate scientific research into methods of treatment and cancer therapies, and reduce the cost of care and over-treatment. Furthermore, Hartwig Medical Foundation has developed a unique patient report that provides clinicians with an actionable assessment of the genetic characteristics of the tumour to guide clinical decision-making for personalised cancer treatment.

Hartwig Medical Foundation is making important progress in advancing the implementation of DNA sequencing technology and clinical-decision making for personalised cancer care. To accelerate this process, Hartwig Medical Foundation and ttopstart co-design smarter strategies and develop new business models to support patient access to precision medicine in a timely and responsible manner and the introduction of actionable patient reporting for clinical decision-making in personalised cancer treatment. In addition, ttopstart will provide ongoing project management support for the different key partnerships of Hartwig Medical Foundation.

Source: ttopstart