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Food Fermentation Europe launches, calling on EU to speed up in global race on sustainable food innovation

With Europe in the midst of severe drought and food security at risk again, it is clear that a more resilient and sustainable food production system is needed. Precision Fermentation is a key technology to enable this. Leading precision fermentation players have come together to establish a new alliance, Food Fermentation Europe (FFE). FFE will work towards a forward looking regulatory environment that can help bring more sustainable animal-free foods and ingredients to the European market and enable a resilient and sustainable food system in Europe. Better Dairy, Formo, Imagindairy, Onego Bio and Those Vegan Cowboys have joined forces to establish Food Fermentation Europe.

Precision Fermentation as key to a sustainable food framework

FFE’s founding members use the centuries-old technique of fermentation, evolved to a high-tech form called precision fermentation, to produce specific animal-free products such as proteins or fats leading to high quality alternatives for milk, eggs, cheese and other products. The technology, already used for decades in enzyme and additive production, can deliver a major positive impact on emissions, biodiversity and water use. Our food production technologies – all developed in Europe – can help to mitigate the climate crisis Europe is witnessing.

Opportunity for Europe to step up on sustainable food innovation
This alliance forms at a time when:

  • The EU is looking to develop a new Sustainable Food Systems Framework for how we produce and consume food in Europe.
  • Demand for tasty and nutritious animal-free, sustainable foods options is rising rapidly among people.
  • Despite this, the policy objectives of the Green New Deal and the regulatory process for Novel Foods (which includes food made via precision fermentation) are not aligned.
  • The current regulatory processes are far too lengthy and opaque and changes are urgently needed to facilitate market access.

It’s clear that the EU needs to enable innovative solutions to come to market sooner rather than later, or risks falling behind in the global race on sustainable food innovation.

Towards a new blend of the EU food system

Food Fermentation Europe’s vision is a new blend within the EU’s food system, which combines sustainable tradition and technology. FFE looks forward to working with policymakers and stakeholders to create the right market and regulatory conditions to embrace fermentation as one of the most sustainable pathways for the agri-food sector, secure the EU’s competitiveness in food innovation and create a sustainable food framework which is aligned with the Green New Deal.

Christian Poppe, Spokesperson for Food Fermentation Europe and Director Global Public Affairs at Formo: “This is a critical time for the EU’s agri-food sector. Not only do we need to become more sustainable, but we also need to ensure that new innovations can break through and come to market to make sure the EU remains competitive globally. Food fermentation products can meet both of these challenges by providing great new animal-free products for people, with drastically less environmental footprint than their alternatives. Now is the right time for our Alliance and we are committed to working with EU decision makers and stakeholders to identify the policies needed to facilitate the food system transition.”

Whats next:

Food Fermentation Europe will hold its launch event this summer in Brussels. Other companies across the fermentation sector are encouraged to reach out to the alliance. To keep track of all developments, visit the website: www.foodfermentation.eu.