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First volunteer dosed with microneedle patch of MyLife Technologies at CHDR


MyLife Technologies started a first-in-human study with its ceramic nanoporous MicroNeedle Arrays (npMNA) technology at Centre for Human Drug Research (CHDR) in Leiden (NL) today. npMNA patches loaded with a pharmaceutical peptide formulation are being tested in healthy volunteers

In many cases pharmaceutical peptides are parenterally administered. Existing alternatives for peptide delivery are among others intranasal sprays or subcutaneous implants. npMNA patch administration could lead to reduced peak concentrations and modified drug release and should overcome several of the drawbacks of the existing delivery routes: npMNA patches are minimally invasive, pain-free and allow for self-administration. The drug formulation is stored in the nanopores of the npMNA devices and diffuses into the patient once the npMNA patches have been applied onto the skin. Drug release rates from the nanopores can be tuned. This makes MyLife Technologies’ npMNA patches a versatile drug delivery system.

“We have entered an exciting new phase in the development of our npMNA technology”, says Pieter Jan Vos, CEO of MyLife Technologies, “We have found a valuable partner in CHDR, an experienced clinical CRO in the field of novel concepts and dermatology”.

Source: MyLife Technologies