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ENPICOM and MiLaboratories join forces to power better Repertoire Sequencing data management and analysis workflows

ENPICOM BV, an innovative bioinformatics software engineering company, and MiLaboratories LLC, a technology leader in profiling the mammalian adaptive immune system, announced a strategic partnership to enable efficient MiXCR integration into ENPICOM’s cloud-based IGX Platform.

Combining the best of both software solutions within a single platform

MiXCR is a universal, state-of-the-art software solution for annotation and quantification of large-scale immunomics data. MiLaboratories serves a rapidly growing customer base and a wide range of Repertoire Sequencing (Rep-Seq) applications with this profiling tool. ENPICOM’s IGX Platform comes with powerful data management features and an intuitive user interface out of the box for the same type of data. Its modular, flexible structure allows for further enhancements and customizations. IGX-Profile is a specialized App engineered to annotate clones with advanced error correction and clone identification. With this partnership, MiXCR will be fully integrated into the IGX Platform, allowing users to choose their preferred profiling solution.

Allowing other parties, such as MiLaboratories, to become integrated into the IGX Platform workflows, unlocks a whole range of new possibilities for professionals aiming to fully make use of the Rep-Seq technology. The integration of MiLaboratories’ market-leading immune profiling software really contributes to the adoption of professional Rep-Seq data management and analysis. We are very proud to collaborate with MiLaboratories and offer this to our customers,” stated Jos Lunenberg, Chief Executive Officer of ENPICOM. “We look forward to jointly start serving customers shortly and further expanding our collaboration with MiLaboratories in the near future,” he continued.

Yuri Nikolsky, Chief Executive Officer of MiLaboratories, added: “MiXCR is considered as a “gold standard” package for quality of extracting TCR & BCR profiles and error control. With this integration, we intend to expand its usability with embedding management, annotation, visualization and sharing capabilities into Rep-Seq analysis workflows. This enables customers to obtain more insights from their NGS data, adding significant value in drug discovery, development and academic environments.”

In August 2020, ENPICOM already announced support for annotated clone files generated using MiXCR, in addition to clone tables from commercial platforms such as Adaptive Biotechnologies and 10x Genomics. Since that moment, MiXCR users can continue their downstream analysis workflow in the IGX Platform, leveraging its intuitive user interface, ability to integrate sequencing data from different sources, and compare their clones with publicly available databases using IGX-Compare.

Source: Enpicom (Press release)