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Crisp & malty. Your first CRISPR beer

This is probably the first product branded as CRISPR-edited, how cool is it? The science comes from Berkeley Yeast. The cans are sold by Temescal Brewing and the claim is “Crisp, Malty, Helles Lager”.

Further details about CRISPR 5,2%: “A floor-malted bohemian pilsner is a process-driven beer with a simple recipe of just floor-malted bohemian pilsner malt, Saaz hops, lager yeast, and water. We carefully step mash the malt to get a deeper, breadier flavor, while keeping it crisp and light-bodied. A light touch of Saaz hops balances the beer with some spicy and floral notes. A longer boil brings out more honey notes from the malt. It’s fermented cold with a CRISPR-modified Lager yeast, designed to prevent the production of diacetyl. We naturally carbonated this beer for great mouthfeel and head retention and patiently lagered it for 3 weeks, allowing the beer to mellow and mature”.

Curious to know why diacetyl-free beer is a good idea? Here is the answer: “Diacetyl is a common off-flavor in beer. At high concentrations it resembles artificial butter and butterscotch. At lower concentrations it presents as a buttery slickness on the tongue or roof of the mouth. Even at low concentrations, it distracts from an otherwise amazing IPA.”

The Berkeley researchers have more to offer. See their beer strains Wildflower, Melon Drop, Galactic, and Berry Jammer. And check A CRISPR Shade of Blonde, with subtle floral and fruit notes from one of these special strains.

Source: Mycrispr.blog