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Clinerion and iClusion partner to boost the identification and recruitment of more patients into clinical trials

Clinerion’s Patient Network Explorer and iClusion’s Trial Eye platforms both connect clinical trial sponsors with networks of partner hospitals, giving trial managers the ability to include eligible patients for trials more quickly and efficiently than before. Treating physicians and patients benefit from increased treatment options and quicker access to new medical interventions.

Together, the partners’ joint mission is to increase patient participation in studies to its full potential by optimizing protocol design, enabling study sites to efficiently start up their trials locally and plan and meet realistic patient recruitment and therefore total timeline targets.

This new clinical trial optimization partnership also facilitates a total study site network activation for all trials, beyond the study sites already chosen to participate, by facilitating online referral and activation services.

iClusion makes clinical research accessible for physicians and their patients by connecting sponsors and their research protocols with research sites. Connecting all stakeholders and automating standardized local approval procedures in one networked platform accelerates total study timelines and makes innovative products available to more patients faster.

Clinerion makes real-world patient data accessible for analysis so that study protocols can be optimized with real patients in mind and real-world patient data can drive study feasibility and patient recruitment.

Both iClusion and Clinerion maintain cloud platforms which bring together participants from across the clinical study ecosystem, comprising sponsors, hospitals and clinicians, and treating physicians and patients. However, the partners offer complementary support and solutions throughout the product development process.

“Never in history has the R&D engine in pharmaceuticals been more productive, driving a pool of promising new agents,” says Edwin Klumper, CEO of iClusion. “The growing pipeline of targeted and personalized medicines puts tremendous pressure on more trials to be conducted in smaller, more well-defined patient populations. As a result, patient recruitment has become the bottleneck, nowadays, which is delaying progress and withholding many patients from the benefits of participation. I am pleased that Clinerion and iClusion are partnering to start tackling the identification and recruitment of the right patients into the right studies to bolster trial conduct and innovation.”

“Our collaboration re-emphasizes that patients are at the heart of clinical development and clinical trial conduct,” says Ian Rentsch, CEO of Clinerion. “Our combined services cover trials operations from protocol design through operational feasibility, site selection, local approvals, startup of study sites and patient recruitment. This partnership is therefore ideally positioned to optimize and advance protocols faster, reach more study sites and offer more patients the possibility to participate in research.”

Source: iClusion (press release)