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Catalyze wins FD Gazellen award

Earlier this year Catalyze opened new offices in Denmark and Switzerland, becoming a truly international company with its headquarter in Amsterdam. Now, Catalyze receives a FD Gazellen award, meaning that it is one of the fastest growing companies in the Netherlands.

“We are very proud to receive this award. It is a great acknowledgement for our journey so far and all of our employees working hard every day to realize our dream. At the same time, we have high ambitions for the future and this is still just the beginning.” – Theodoor Rutgers, founder and director.

Catalyze is the market leader in raising non-dilutive funding for companies and researchers active in the Life Sciences sector, having raised more than €500 million since their foundation in 2014. The company grew more than 20% each year for the past 3 years (an impressive feat considering its sector), comprising now 65 employees at 5 locations.

“We are not only specialized in funding, but we also deliver a broader range of strategic consulting services to support our clients. Both our service offering and client portfolio continue to expand. No matter how you identify Catalyze: we are unique and distinctive.” – Commercial Director Quirein te Roller speaking about Catalyze, internationally active in more than 30 countries.

The ambitious and innovative consultancy company is an absolute specialist in obtaining funding and has a broad experience with a variety of subsidies, government guaranteed loans and tax incentive schemes like Eurostars, Horizon2020, ERC and NIH.

Source: Catalyze