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BioConnection invests in expansion with a second production line

BioConnection will invest €12 million in a second, commercial scale, manufacturing line to keep up with the growing customer demand and to ensure its future company growth.

BioConnection, Contract Manufacturing Organization (CMO), proudly announces that it will make a significant investment of €12 million in a new production line for vials in its facility in Oss. Due to the growing demand of its current customers but also due to growing market needs, BioConnection will invest in a fully automated fill and finish line coupled to a fully automated freezedryer. This combination provides significant increases in batch size as well as in total annual production capacity. BioConnection currently is inspected and approved by EMA and US-FDA. The new production line will also be built and validated according to EMA and FDA guidelines and is expected to be fully operational, including GMP certification, in the first quarter of 2021. In the meantime the company will continue to grow on the basis of its existing filling line for vials, syringes and freeze-drying. BioConnection also recently announced (March 13, 2019) the opening of new flexible GMP areas for manual fill, rental of cleanrooms and support of ATMP’s to enable an even more flexible approach for their customers.

Dr. Alexander Willemse, CEO of BioConnection: “Although BioConnection is already 13 years young, the last 3 years have been exciting when we took over our current manufacturing facility from Merck/MSD in 2016. Based on the success of our customers and the growing market demand we will now take a major step forward by adding this new production line. I am convinced that we will further dynamically grow the company while maintaining our unique approach. The enthusiasm and spirit of our team coupled to the experience of our business development, project management, operational, technical and quality people we have on board will make it a continued success. I invite all interested companies to contact Sjaak Stevense to discuss possibilities and early transfers to our new commercial scale production line. Where needed we can already start of to date with fill and finish and freeze-drying services through our current (smaller scale) FDA certified production line

Source: BioConnection