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BIO Digital 2020 Europe session “Start Me Up”: How Can Europe’s Biotech Sector Combat the Coronavirus?

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Focco Vijselaar, Director General for Enterprise and Innovation at the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy will represent the Netherlands during the BIO Digital 2020 in the session ‘Start Me Up: How Can Europe’s Biotech Sector Combat the Coronavirus?’. Together with representatives of EuropaBIO, Biobe, Alnylam Pharmaceuticals and McKinsey the role of the biotech sector in addressing global challenges like COVID-19 will be discussed.

What is the contribution of the European biotech companies to the COVID-19 response and what is needed to find treatments and vaccines? The panel will reflect on the current state and preparedness to respond to pandemic outbreaks. What are the lessons learned and which strategies and policies are needed to support the life sciences sector in moving forward.

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