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Apply now for the Health Impact Accelerator

The Health Impact Accelerator (HIA) is a programme that prepares participants to become social entrepreneurs. During the HIA they are introduced to the added value – and the challenges – of social entrepreneurship. Moreover, they translate their idea into a solid business case.  Throughout this process, coaches and support are available.

In ten weeks you will become acquainted with various aspects and parties of social entrepreneurship. The programme consists of a series of five events with different themes.

How it works

A team of highly experienced and motivating coaches will guide you in this. In the meantime, you will receive weekly coaching from this team, so that you can make rapid progress. The programme concludes with a closing event, during which you present the end result to a group of social investors, fund managers and experienced SME entrepreneurs with innovative ideas.

During the HIA you will become acquainted with the added value – and the challenges – of social entrepreneurship in the field of health. In this way you meet interesting experts by experience, where their idea has succeeded – or not. You will meet other inspiring social startups that are working on ‘health’ and ‘liveability’ in an innovative way. In addition, you in turn inspire them and countless other SMEs who are present during the workshops and the closing event.

Important data

Pitch event | September 15, 2020
Workshop 1 | October 7-9, 2020 | problem definition and solutions
Innovation Café | 2nd half of October 2020 | Q&A with organisations from the system world
Workshop 2 | November 11-13, 2020 | how do I make my business sustainable?
Closing event | December 15, 2020 | get to know funds and investors

Apply now

Are you a doer with an innovative idea to deal with ‘health and care’ as a society and can you do this on the dates below? Sign up for our Health Impact Accelerator today! Apply now! Applications can be submitted via GROZ@health-holland.com. You can register for the second Health Impact Accelerator until September 10, 2020, 5:00 PM.

Criteria for application

  • Your solution will contribute to one of the following missions
    • By 2040, all Dutch citizens will live at least five years longer in good health, while the health inequalities between the lowest and highest socioeconomic groups will have decreased by 30%.
    • By 2040, the burden of disease resulting from an unhealthy lifestyle and living environment will have decreased by 30%.
    • By 2030, the extent of care will be organised and provided to people 50% more (or more often) than present in one’s own living environment (instead of in healthcare institutions), together with the network around people.
    • By 2030, the proportion of people with a chronic disease or lifelong disability who can participate in society according to their wishes and capabilities will have increased by 25%.
    • By 2030, quality of life of people with dementia will have improved by 25%.
  • You have a team of at least two people who work hard on your proposition.
  • Your concept has been validated but needs further elaboration.
  • You think measuring impact is important and (in the long term) like to involve lecturers / practitioners / professors to help with this.
  • As a team you can make time on all mentioned dates.
  • You have the ambition to get at least 75% of the income from the market (definition “social entrepreneurship”, Social Enterprise NL) – and are open to be guided in the way here.

Source: Health~Holland