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Amphera recruits first patients to phase II study of MesoPher to treat pancreatic cancer

Amphera, an advanced-clinical-stage biotechnology company developing dendritic cell therapies to treat cancer, announces that it has recruited the first patients to a phase II study of MesoPher to treat pancreatic cancer.

REACtiVe (Rotterdam pancrEAtic cancer Vaccination trial) is an open-label phase II study in 10 adult patients with surgically resected pancreatic cancer who have received adjuvant standard of care treatment.

MesoPher, a personalised immuno-oncology cell therapy, is comprised of autologous dendritic cells loaded with PheraLys, Amphera’s proprietary allogeneic lysate of mesothelioma cell lines. PheraLys, first developed for mesothelioma, contains a broad-spectrum of tumour-associated antigens, many of which are present in pancreatic cancer and other cancers.

MesoPher is currently in a pivotal phase II/III study for pleural mesothelioma, and a phase II study in peritoneal mesothelioma.

Source: Amphera