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For all HollandBIO members we offer a 30-minute, free-of-charge assessment of your project from a pharmacometric and clinpharm perspective by one of our experienced consultants. 

qPharmetra is a consultancy specialized in Pharmacometrics and Clinical Pharmacology.

Pharmacometrics uses mathematical models to describe data extracted from pre-clinical and clinical studies, scientific literature and competitor regulatory filings and can roughly be characterized as pharmacokinetic (PK; drug concentration) or pharmacodynamic (PD; drug effect).  Thus, PK describes what the body does to the drug and PD describes what the drug does to the body.

We are a team that works closely together to share our knowledge and help each other become better scientists. We work collaboratively with our clients to use the best information available to develop creative quantitative analyses that consistently lead to rational decisions and ultimately serve the patients with better medicines.