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In vitro assays using matrix-embedded 3D cell culture of cancer organoids to recapitulate and quantify complex human biology in a robust and high-throughput format. Precise detection of therapeutic responses such as activity, toxicity, synergy as well as mode of action and interactions with added immune cells are tested in 3D culture and quantified using OcellO’s Ominer™ 3D image analysis software.

About the company
OcellO is an innovative biotech company, offering in vitro compound testing services for the drug discovery industry. Core services utilize in vitro and ex vivo 3D cell culture-based assays in immuno-oncology, oncology and polycystic kidney disease. High throughput and automated assays using organoids and patient-derived material are combined with high content imaging and analysis to evaluate compound activity. The analysis of these models, many of which use patient-derived material, is enabled by OcellO’s unique high throughput 3D imaging and phenotypic profiling technology. As well as providing measurements of cell growth and viability, phenotypic profiling allows the measurement of more complex biology that better correlates with clinical endpoints. Furthermore, compounds with the optimum therapeutic profile or optimum target specific profile can be selected to enable a better ranking of compounds at early stage in the drug development process.

At OcellO we believe that sound collaboration and cutting edge science can speed up selection and development of clients lead compounds and provide strong validation.


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ServicesColorectal Cancer (CRC) organoids, PDX derived organoids, 3D cell culture, High-content 3D imaging and image analysis, High-throughput screening, drug discovery in oncology, immune-oncology, polycystic kidney disease