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Discount of 20% on our ‘Reach and Refer’ service for 1 study and 25% for 2 or more studies

Van 15 maart 2021 tot en met 31 december 2021

The oncology clinical trial placed on our platform is actively brought to the attention of, and directly available and visible for oncologists/ hematologists and their sites in The Netherlands and Belgium. Patients can then be directly referred to your participating sites with one click on a button.

About the company

Cancer Clinical trials don’t just advance science; they also serve as in-the-moment treatment options for cancer patients. iClusion is an impact company facilitating access to clinical trials for all stakeholders in the clinical stage of drug development.


iClusion overcomes the two biggest bottlenecks in drug development, local study startup and patient recruitment. Even though 50-80% cancer patients would like to participate in clinical trials, only 5% participate currently. Lengthy manual and resource intensive local start-up procedures add upwards of half a year to the development of novel therapeutics.


iClusion tackles these challenges through our network of study sites that can be fully operational for each clinical trial within several weeks. The online infrastructure Trial Eye further facilitates this by harmonizing the administrative process and providing detailed information about active trials for oncologists and their patients.


Our services

  • Reach and refer: Automated online referral module where all professional users of our platform can refer patients to your study sites and promotion of your trial via TrialEye newsletters.
  • Bulk activation: Single point for contract negotiation and implementation of your clinical trials in all iClusion sites within a few weeks.

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