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Van 27 mei 2021 tot en met 30 april 2022

For over eight years, Euretos has been developing an AI platform used by many of the world’s leading biotech and pharma companies in all stages of their drug development process. We make our AI integrated knowledge base directly available to researchers and enable intelligent and proactive Search, powerful and intuitive Analytics, visually insightful Relation Maps and many highly effective workflows.

You can collaborate with us to:

  • Use AI-powered, computational disease models for data-driven disease and drug research.
  • Understand cellular dysregulationand involved intercellular interaction networks.
  • Identify key targetsthat have the highest positive impact on disease dysregulation.
  • Get insightsinto the underlying drivers of toxicity and drug response.

We are driven by a deep desire to unravel the complexities of human disease biology. We are convinced that understanding disease on a molecular level reduces the risk and cost of therapy development. We enable the transformation to data-driven disease research and drug development through our AI Platform and contract research services.

By connecting data scientists to experienced biological researchers in our multi-disciplinary teams, we leverage the richness in data to develop state of the art computational disease models which can be readily applied to various challenges in the drug development process.





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