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Connected-Pathology is a Belgian based histopathology service provider which offers fast and accurate pathological analysis supporting compound testing. Amongst our expanding portfolio you can find many services such as; dose reference finding studies, biocompability studies, mode of action determination, IHC phenotyping, IHC assay development, and many more.

Our portfolio of services is designed to meet your research needs whilst being automated, transparent, scalable and supported by personal and informative interactions. We support you with relevant and applicable advice that accelerates your research.

For new biotech and pharmaceutical customers we offer a 10% discount on any first histopathology project outsourced to Connected-Pathology. Please reach out to info@c-path.be and refer to this action to redeem your discount.

Van 01 november 2022 tot en met 01 november 2023

Connected-Pathology simplifies access to a range of complex laboratory testing and computational tools for assessing data. As a translational contract research laboratory, we help you unlock clinically relevant insights based on our curated data pool and extensive portfolio of readouts for a reduced risk path to clinical development and personalized therapies.